Hair By Agnes

Agnes is an internationally renowned master hairstylist and colorist. Although she was born in Paris, she grew up in the Caribbean between St. Barts and Martinique. She was trained by renowned hairdressers, notably in Martinique, Paris and London, where she acquired the necessary skills to develop her own hair coloring method.

Thanks to her unique approach, Agnes has become one of the most popular hairdressers. Her clients come from Miami (where she continues to serve her loyal clientele in Florida), Los Angeles, New York, Monaco, Paris, Marrakech and St. Barts to benefit from her skills and expertise in hair styling and hair coloring. hair.

Its reputation is the result of its commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to deliver high quality results. In 1988, Agnes decided to create her own line of hair care products specifically designed for curly hair, which has since become a popular brand in the industry.

After owning a famous salon in South Beach and the Trump Hotel in Miami, she returned to her Caribbean roots and bought out the Hair Clinic franchise for the Caribbean and USA and developed a VIP Studio. It expands the reach of the hair care product line globally...