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vegetalement Provence



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Sans & Sens coloring has been designed to satisfy technical purists, and the intensifiers make coloring an art in its own right, allowing you to go even further in creating your own color palette. Intensifiers are shades specially designed using Sans & Sens hair color technology to intensify, enhance or neutralize unwanted reflections. The results are thus entirely personalized according to the desires. A veritable Swiss army knife, they allow colorists to express their know-how and to sublimate the techniques of the most demanding. Incorporated after mixing the Sans & Sens color and the co-developing milk, it allows for infinite customization. An essential tool for any professional to have in his toolbox.


Refer to the color chart with the Sans & Sens coloring instructions. To discover our technical secrets and deepen your knowledge, an appointment is essential for training at the Académie Internationale Végétalement Provence.

Main plant active ingredients

 Castor oil

 Royal jelly

 Flower seed oil

Format(s) available

 Green, 150 ml

 Blue, 150ml

 Purple, 150ml

 Yellow, 150 ml

 Orange, 150ml

 Red, 150ml

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